Welcome to my little corner of the internet! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Zoe. I’m a mum to two little girls, Lilly who is 3 & Phoebe who is 1. We live in the NE Scotland in a wee seaside village.

I met my husband Steve when I was only 16,(proper childhood sweethearts!) we had been together for 3 years when I fell pregnant with our first daughter Lilly. When Lilly was 18 months I fell pregnant with Phoebe,we then got married in 2016 and I started vlogging in April 2017.

Since becoming a mum at 19 I have faced a lot of criticism & backlash. I feel that as a young mum I get judged a lot,I decided to start up my own YouTube channel to let the world into or lives to prove to everybody that we are just like any other loving family! I do informative videos, vlogs and hauls. I write light hearted blog posts about parenting too.

I started my own hairdressing business in 2016,with juggling work and the girls are lives are pretty hectic. I would love for you all to join us on our crazy ride!

Zoe x