Mum blog snobbery.

Mum blogs are everywhere aren’t they? They are great, whats not to love about mums being passionate about the highs and low of parenting? Or documenting their lives through words, pictures and videos? I started my blog and YouTube channel because I followed some amazing mums on social media and loved how they documented their lives and captured memories. Nilly Dahlia, Mama Reid, This Mama Life (Sarah), and Brummymummyof2 were the amazing, wonderful mums who inspired me to take up this hobby and document our lives. Back in April when I first started my YouTube channel, I never knew there was such a thing as ‘mummy blog snobbery’ but I experienced it pretty quickly. Not sure what it is? Let me fill you in.

First of all let me say that 95% of the mum bloggers/vloggers that I know and follow on Instagram are super lovely, they don’t all follow me back which is totally fine but will mostly always reply back to comments I leave and chat away. The ones who do follow me back, there is a mutual effort made on both sides to give a supportive like or comment. Everybody who follows me who has in their bio that they have a blog or YouTube channel I will always follow back, because it wasn’t that long ago that I only had a few hundred followers (I don’t have that much more now, i’m only at 1300) and I felt totally lost. There are a lot of people in this industry who are all about numbers, and use some pretty low tactics to make it big. I was only a few months into my wee hobby when I first noticed these things happening, they included-

Big bloggers/vloggers following me and then two days later unfollowing. This happens to me on a daily basis, and when it first happened I was really annoyed and upset, I actually couldn’t believe that grown women would follow me to get me to follow them back and then sometimes not even 24hrs later they would have unfollowed me. Socialblade shows everything, and a lot of these big influencers unfollow hundreds of people on a daily basis. The unfollowers app never lies, its a great app to have even if you’re not a blogger to track who has unfollowed you.

Follow4Follow or Sub4Sub, there are some really helpful facebook groups that are for vloggers and bloggers and sometimes there is a subscribing post where everybody subscribes to each others channel, which sounds great and sometimes it is- but a lot of the time after I’ve subscribed and then gained some subscribers, then a few days later I lose loads. You cant really tell who has unsubscribed to your YouTube channel like you can with Instagram and it’s really frustrating.

Other mum vloggers/bloggers totally ignoring you. This one annoys me the most, it’s actually just so rude to read someones message and not reply or just to totally ignore a nice comment that somebody has left on your picture. I totally understand if you’re getting a load of comments it would be unrealistic to reply or like everyone’s comment, but if you’ve got like 8 comments? You’re just being rude. The same with replying to stories, if you’ve got 10k followers again, that’s unrealistic to reply to everyone’s message- but I get messages everyday from other mums and I always reply. The amount of times I have replied to peoples stories who have a few thousand followers and they have read it and not replied. Nobody is better than anybody at this- we are documenting our days and our lives with our children, nobody should be seen as competition, we are all equal in this. Even if this is your job, that’s no excuse. My actual job is a hairdresser, I always like and give supportive comments to other hairdressers, one of my best friends is a hairdresser and I always recommend her to clients and have sent work her way, she could be seen as direct competition to me if you want to look at it that way, whereas I would rather be supportive to her and her business than look at it competitively. I wish all other mum influencers would see it this way too. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have or how many likes you get on a picture if you’re totally going to miss out the social side of social media. Surly as a mum who is documenting your life and parenthood your audience should be other mums, and any other person in the same niche as you should be seen as a colleague or a friend rather than a rival.

I have made some amazing friends and spoken to some truly inspirational parents while doing this, and as i said the majority of the mums who are doing this too are incredible and are really supportive to everybody in the same niche as them, but there will always be a few who will try to pull the wool over your eyes by following you then unfollowing you, subscribing then unsubscribing or even totally ignoring you. I’m in a wee group chat with some other mum vloggers, they are amazing. They are so supportive with everything to each other, whether its dislikes on a YouTube video, likes and comments on Instagram and Facebook, or a have a read of their latest blog. We are all here for the same thing, to make memories, document our lives, or even to pay our bills, but we cant do any of that without our following or our audience.

If you’re thinking about starting a blog or a YouTube channel or have recently started one, don’t let this put you off, but be aware that this could most likely happen to you and to look of for these things happening. If you have recently started and are on Instagram or YouTube, let me know your usernames and i’ll follow &/or subscribe. We need to support each other in this together.

Experienced this too? Lemma know by commenting below! x

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  1. Hi! Was brought to your blog post by Laurie’s insta stories. I’ve just opened an Etsy shop, so I am trying to get an Instagram following for the first time since opening my personal Instagram account waaaaay back when Instagram first launched. I had no idea that this follow/unfollow thing was a thing until I started my business insta, it’s crazy! I never really took notice of my following total on my personal account but I’ve been paying attention on my business account, and it’s so obvious! You’re totally right, everyone should just be supportive of each other rather than competing all the time. It takes two seconds to double tap on a photo or leave a comment, lets just spread kindness a little more 💚

    Anyway, gonna head back to insta and follow you now 😊

    1. Thanks for reading ❤️ I’m sorry you’ve went through this- it’s an absolute nightmare isn’t it! People can be so horrible, I can’t believe you’ve been through this with your business! P.s I’ve followed you back ❤️Xxx

  2. The following and unfollowing drives me crazy. Also people that go through and like 20 odd photos but don’t follow. I think they are bots a lot of the time or people who are using companies to buy likes.

    I am at a patient where I am stuck, I just can’t seem to get past the number I am at now, which is fine. I’m going to stop focusing on numbers but it is frustrating I agree.

    I try to reply to all comments, sometimes I do look and don’t have time to reply and then forget later, but I try to go through the last 20 or so photos every couple of weeks and check. It is hard when it seems like everyone is playing a game and it’s not quite what you signed up for.

    I just try to focus on the genuine proton who comment and like my posts. Just keep doing what you are doing!

    Cherie || My Mama Musings

  3. I’ve praised your insta stories multiple times before cos you’re real in what you say & do and that shouldn’t be made into a competition with other vloggers etc. I Instagram a lot of my life with my daughter and have people give such lovely comments on photos which is great – there’s maybe a vlogger in me yet..maybe! Sending lots of love x

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