5 signs you know you’re not coping with schools going back TOMORROW 😭

We live in NE Scotland,so our schools/nurserys go back tomorrow. It’s been a hella long 7 weeks. SEVEN whole weeks this year. The thought of it was worse than it actually happening but we have had our fair share of up and downs. But now that Lilly is due to start RISING BLOODY FIVES tomorrow I just can’t cope. L was born in January so we have that minging decision with her starting actual school next year at four & a half or wait until she is 5. So basically as it stands at the moment she is set to start school next year (nursery recommends) so basically I’m mess and start hyperventilating as soon as I think of her last year of nursery 😭 so if you’re anything like me,all of this will make TOTAL sense. #sendhelp #notcoping 

1. You’ve left buying any sort of uniform until the last bloody minute. In total denial that your baby is starting a new term. Started off the holidays being all “yeah I’ll order jumpers etc next week so that they are here in time” I didn’t order anything and everything is now sold out🙄. So today our house has been taken over by illness and the last thing I want to do is go into effin’ mothercare to get Lilly’s feet measured for new jimmys. The place will be heaving and none of us are ready for that. #helpmeee 

2. You’ve gone through phases of loving the holidays and then hating them. At one point I actually considered dropping Lilly off at nursery and picking her up again in 7 weeks time. (FYI I’m now considering home schooling her because I can’t deal with being apart from her. Full circle.) 

3. The thought of getting up early and out of the house for 8:45 drives you up the wall. We are not morning people and Steve won’t even usually be home from work then (luckily he is off this week) so I’ve got to do an actual EARLY nursery run. They reckon the early start time is to get the kids ready for school,I think it’s more for the parents. #whereisthecaffine 

4. You panic you haven’t made enough memories. Instagram is full of pictures of beautiful families looking super busy,out adventuring all of the bloody time,usually tanned and making the rest of us feel like shit and that we haven’t tried hard enough. Not gonna lie the only memories I’ve made this summer is the whole Moana soundtrack. #yourewelcome How most of our memories look..

5. You are crying. Can’t stop bubbling. The holidays have been hard (very) but now that they are over you wish it was two months ago and you were doing this all over again! How many days until the October holidays?? 52 

We can’t escape the fact that it’s happening. I’m going to spend every spare moment I have today cuddling the life out of Lilly and preparing her for nursery tomorrow. It’s going to be difficult for both of us but before we know it,we will be dreading the next set of holidays. #whatarewegonnado 

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