7 things that always happen on holidays with young kids!

We are currently on a wee break with our kiddies. Our girls (Lilly 3 & Phoebe 1) haven’t taken into consideration at all that we are meant to be “enjoying” ourselves and have behaved worse than ever! Poor Phoebe hasn’t been well and Lilly is just acting up. But are you really on holiday with your kids if you don’t find the whole experience really stressful from start to finish?! 

1. At least one of your kids get ill. WITHOUT FAIL this happens to us every single time we go on holiday. Phoebe cut her first teeth on the plane to Portugal at 5 months old. It was a nightmare from then on. 

2. The weather is shit. Never have we once been on Scottish holiday and the weather has been great,we are currently on holiday stuck in the cottage because it’s torrential rain outside. #great 

3. You all end up in the same bed. Routines go right out the window and for a few days break it takes weeks to get your kids sleeping in their own beds again! It’s so worth it..#blessed 

4. You spend all of your money on meals out that the kids refuse the eat and kick up a huge fuss in the restaurant. Nothing comes out at the same time,the kids meals are too bloody hot to eat straight away and they have a total meltdown because they are “STARVING” but then refuse to eat any of it(even once it’s cooled down.) 

5. The car journeys make or break the holiday. The kids fight for the majority of the time and shout “ARE WE NEARLY HERE?!!” And “I NEED A PEE” for the whole journey. For a whole hour Lilly cried wanting Moana on then went mental because it wasn’t the beauty and the beast soundtrack. Preschoolers are the worst. 

6. You end up in an endless cycle of loving then hating your family over and over again. One minute you’re having the best time,relaxing enjoying the special,quality time together the next your three year old is kicking the toddler for playing with “her holiday toys”,then the toddler is in the fridge eating what you had planned for supper. You turn your back for a minute and one of them is climbing on the balcony furniture giving you a heart attack. To top this all off your husband is winding up the kids saying that we are “going to B&Q”  and not swimming. Give me strength. That resting bitch face. Fed up with dad winding her up πŸ™ƒ 

7. You go home deluded and book another holiday. Rose tinted glasses get put straight on the moment you get home,you forget about the stress of it all,give yourself something to look forward too and book yourself another family holiday! At least the kids will be older and better behaved..right?!! 

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  1. Enjoyed reading your holiday thoughts Zoe made me laugh and also brought back memories of holidays with Paula and Steven when they were wee. Although these breaks were trying at times when you reflect back on them in years to come it will be the fun things that come to mind. I remember these holidays as amongst the best I had πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•x

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