New Years Resolutions Of A Young Mum


Every year I make New Years resolutions, and every year I fail. Last year they were; 1, keep a diary (that lasted until March..) and 2, to go on more date nights with Steve (we went on three.)  SO this year they are more realistic (but will still most likely fail!)

  1. Stop wasting money on shite. I’m so bad for this, I can’t walk passed Flying Tiger without going in and ending up in my bloody overdraft because of battery operated tealights, mood lamps and plant pots (that I end up filling with spare change- not one has a plant in it!?) It must stop!!
  2. Spend more time with my friends. I have the best friends and this year I will make sure I see them at least once every month/two months. I have my best friends from my teenage years and my mummy friends, we speak on a weekly basis but hardly see each other. It’s really really hard trying to balance out home life with the kids, being a half decent wife, working and having a social life. If its a gin night in, or going out out, I just want to see my friends. #love
  3. Stop wearing Stevens clothes. This is a serious one, I wear his PJ’s, his t-shirts and sometimes his joggers. Its just comfier, right? (please tell me I’m not alone?) I must look like a 13 year old love struck teenager wearing my boyfriends hoodie because I’m besotted, when the reality is, I’m actually just chubby and comfy.
  4. Go to a regular fitness class and try to get into shape. Everybody else my age (23) looks incredible. I know I’ve had two kids (yeah like nearly two years ago) and a pretty difficult year filled with comfort eating, I need to do something about my body. My friends are so lovely and try to make me feel better but honestly? They don’t see me naked, it’s bloody awful and I actually look miles better with clothes on. I dress well for my shape (when I’m not in my husbands clothes..) and I can hide a lot behind the dresses I wear.
  5. Have more me time. Like proper me time, not a bath with the kids banging at the door or shouting that they need the loo, or a nap where I get constantly woken up by “CAN I WATCH YOUR PHONE MUM” and being poked in the eye, or a hair appointment where my kids cry hysterically because I’m being touched by somebody else. I want to do something for me alone with no kids. Like a beauty appointment or finally getting my hair done, or a yoga class, just something that I enjoy doing regularly without my kids being with me.
  6. Keep up to date with my laundry. Right now? My laundry basket looks like this and it’s been like this for the last two months and it drives me up the bloody wall. I keep saying that I’m going to go to one of those self service launderettes (potential me time?!) and just blitz it all but; 1 – there is only one in Aberdeen and the times are awkward as hell and 2 – I kinda feel as though it’s embarrassing? Is it embarrassing? I have a working washing machine and tumble dryer at home I just don’t seem to find the time.  I don’t know how because I only work part time and other people manage it? It is embarrassing.. 
  7. Make more effort to look good. Do my hair and make up on a regular basis. I’m one of those girls who looks totally different without make up on. I often go into work looking homeless because I’ve have had no sleep because of Lilly who gets up more times a night that a bloody new born baby (SHE IS NEARLY FOUR). I’m a hairdresser, I’m in the beauty industry, I should have this under control (yet i don’t).

So if by some miracle I manage to keep these, by the end of the year I will most likely look like a different person, feel loads better, and will still be married (because I’m not stealing his clothes- it actually really annoys him). But the reality is, I will eat more, end up wearing ever more of Steve’s clothes because none of my clothes actually fit me, be living in a house full of tat from flying tiger but you can’t open the door because of the amount of laundry and possibly pregnant (so that’s the decent body out the window.) Hey, there’s always 2019, right?


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