We have some news..

We headed to Ikea on Tuesday and my mum bought some furniture for the kids bedrooms, we then headed out for tea with the kids to celebrate some exciting news!


Steve has a new job! He has a new job as a manager at Morrissons! We are so so happy. It means no more nightshift and he will get more of a work – life balance. It’s around 20 hours less a week. The last year has been really hard for us with Steve being away a lot. I have been alone with the kids all day and all night since Lilly was born and I’m so glad now that we can put that behind us and he can finally get up with the kids during the night now!! He doesn’t start for a few weeks yet, he also has to travel for training for a wee while, then we will just get into our new routine of him working day shift and only working 5 days a week (and having 6 weeks holidays a year is going to be incredible!).

So it’s going to be all change in our house the next few weeks, i’ll keep everybody updated with how we get on!

Talk soon,

Zoe x



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