What being a parent at Christmas has taught me.

This is Lilly’s fourth Christmas and Phoebe’s second. Christmas is meant to be full of fun and festivities- but honestly? I just find the whole thing super stressful, expensive and busy. ┬áDon’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but i think as the older my kids get, i just find the whole run up to the big day really really stressful..please tell me i’m not alone?!

I don’t want to sound ungrateful or all ‘bah humbug’ or anything, but i just think that with social media and everybody posting what they got their kids for Christmas and all the shite that they got themselves, i just feel like the whole meaning is lost? I’m not speaking about Jesus or anything, it’s more just family time. I would honestly rather have nothing to open on Christmas day but have a really lovely meal in with all of my family around me.

I worry about my kids, I worry about what they will get, if they will like it and if we can keep it magical. I think that getting back to basics and forgetting about materialistic stuff and concentrating on spending time with people that we love is the most important thing. This massive amount of pressure that we put on ourselves is not needed. Kids don’t care, they are happy with anything as long as the ones that they love are around them.

In the last four years, things have changed a lot. Here are the things that I have learnt from being a mum at Christmas.


  1. Kids don’t care- they actually don’t care! We put the pressure on ourselves to but a shit load of stuff for them to open on Christmas day and most of it probably won’t get played with and they focus on the chocolate.
  2. You don’t need to do the latest Instagram trend to have a decent Christmas. Who cares if you don’t do Christmas eve boxes, reindeer food, elf on the bloody shelf or matching PJ’s on Christmas day? Your kids. They actually don’t care. Social media is great for making us feel awful about things- my kids wont be getting Christmas eve boxes because honestly? I actually can’t afford it on top of everything else.
  3. You don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds or have 50 different presents under the tree. The girls will have three or four presents under the tree each this year from us & including Santa. I said no to loads of plastic rubbish that will break and I want to set the standard pretty low so the expectations remain low too. They will never have more than 10 presents between them under the tree.
  4. There will always be a few people who will post on social media the mountain of presents that they have got for their kids on Christmas day and that is a fact- there will always be at least one person who reckons they are doing Christmas better than everybody else and that their kids have the most. They feel the need to let their whole facebook feed see that they are spoiling their kids beyond belief- and that’s fine if they want to live like that, but everybody else can see through this, and that they are just dicks.
  5. There will be people local to you who are struggling. Since becoming a mum my eyes have been opened to the fact that poverty is more local than you think, and even if you cant yourself afford to donate a toy to a local Christmas collection for kids in need, you can donate your time and help with the wrapping or sorting of the toys. You could always donate food to local food banks too which are always struggling this time of year. You would be surprised with the amount of families who rely on food banks.


Kids will be happy with a new toy and a selection box. They don’t need hundreds of pounds spent on them. When I think of Christmas when I was a child, I remember spending time with my family and eating loads of food. I actually don’t remember all of the toys I got or how many presents I opened. I think its time we all got back to basics.





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