We have been looking forward to this holiday all year, this is our fourth time staying in the Craggantoul cottages and every time we stay we fall in love with them even more!

In the Scottish countryside on the outskirts of Aberfeldy, our little cottage is on the edge of the River Tay in Killin. A bright three bedroom cottage complete with underfloor heating, wifi, freeview TV in the living room and two bedrooms, games, books, some kids toys and even a private hot tub to enjoy the beautiful views of Stirlingshire. A big open plan kitchen, living room and dining room with a light scandinavian feel. With oak furniture throughout, floor to ceiling windows and The White Company bedding, this cottage really is luxurious.


Why here again?

We are actually reluctant to go anywhere else! When we are planning a family holiday away (for at least a week) since 2014 we have stayed at a Craggantoul cottage. Once in the spring time and three times in Autumn, the weather has actually been great. It has been sunny everyday. We have stayed at The Barn twice, Oak Cottage once and this is our first time staying in Glen Lochay Lodge. This cottage is out of the Craggantoul estate where we have stayed previously, this cottage is walking distance into Killin. Across the road is Bridge of Lochay Hotel, it is perfect for meals out, or for Dad & Granda Andy to escape for a few at the pub. (You even get discounted meals when staying at a Craggantoul cottage!). With the cleanliness of the cottages and a member of staff coming to clean out the hot tub every other day, we know that the quality and standard is very high, we do wonder if anywhere else will match up!

What did we do?

Since we consider ourselves part-time locals now, we know the place pretty well. We love going for walks to the Dochart Waterfalls in Killin, the Kenmore Castle, and around Aberfeldly. Our favourite places to eat are the Capercaillie in Killin, The Courtyard in Kenmore and for pub grub we love The Fountain in Aberfeldy. We are a big fan of Habitat Café in Aberfeldy too but didn’t get a chance to eat there this time. We love going to the Red Deer centre in Dull, the kids absolutely love feeding the deer! We spent a few days just chilling in the hot tub just enjoying the views and feeding the ducks. A big kitchen perfect for baking and cooking, a great sized dining table where we played games every night, this cottage was amazing for a relaxing holiday, winding down before the chaos that Christmas will bring. We also drove to Perth and had a day there, we went to Noah’s Ark soft play centre where the kids had a play and we got a game of bowling. It was only an hour and a half to Perth in the car from Killin.

How did we get here?

We drove from Aberdeen, it was around a three hour drive. It is windy roads from Dunkeld, I reckon if you know the roads well you could do it in less. The cottages have big driveways to park cars into, this time we rented a Ford Galaxy so we only needed the one car for us all.


Things to know if you’re planning a stay at a Craggintoul cottage

  • If you’re traveling from far (which we were) order an Asda delivery to be delivered from Perth. It saves taking loads of food down with you and they deliver right to the door!
  • The TV signal is okay, can be patchy at times but there is a DVD player. We brought loads of DVD’s for the kids!
  • The WIFI is pretty good! It’s recommended not to stream things, but Lilly did manage to watch kids YouTube when she was up early morning.
  • The open view from the living room lets you see the wildlife at its best, with very friendly ducks and birds to greet us every morning, the kids loved it!
  • There is a wee co-op in Killin, it’s great for buying things to tide you over, although it’s pretty expensive and for us veggies, it didn’t have a lot of quorn.


Want to stay?


Want to see more?

Check out our holiday vlogs! Day 1 includes a tour of Glen Lochay Lodge.



*this post was in no way sponsored. I am not working with Craggantoul.*

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