First year without you.

The first year is always the hardest they say,
All the first christmases and birthdays,
But not an hour goes by where I don’t think of you each day,
Longing to hear your voice and the one liners you would say,
Still I think of you and all of the things that you have missed,
Because it’s been so long since we gave you our goodbye kiss,
Not just about us because this should be about you,
Because at times I only thought I could get through this with you.
You missed,
Your 35th wedding anniversary,
Phoebes first steps and her first words,
Ru passing his driving test,
Going to Canada with mum,
Lilly’s first day at nursery,
Steve getting a new job,
Seeing me start up my own business,
Your 68th birthday.

Every single day is hard without you,
And some days we just can’t cope,
But you were amazing and in the end even still managed to crack a joke,
It’s been a whole year since we lost you and things will never be the same,
But we have had to learn to live without you,
Even though we would do anything to see you again.

Love you dad.

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